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CEO Forum


Do you have a leadership role?

Does your business have a turnover in excess of £2m?

Are you really serious about growing your business?

Would you value a small group of trusted peers with whom you could thrash out business issues?


Being a Chief Executive is often a lonely business.  You are expected to have all the answers - difficult in an uncertain and fast moving world.  Who do you turn to for support and guidance?  Who really understands your issues?  In our view other Chief Executives may well have experienced some of the problems faced, and can provide valuable insights.


The CEO Forum has evolved into an extremely efficient mechanism for the investigation of business philosophies and their effectiveness in current market conditions, and of course for meeting peers in a relaxed environment.  Confidentiality of conversations is maintained under the Chatham House rule.  


The CEO Forum currently operates on a number of tiers, and members are either elected or invited to the next level - The Senate.  


The CEO Forum meets monthly in Mayfair in the early evening.  The inaugural meeting of a new Surrey based group will be on 26th September 2016 in the early evening.  We will be launching a new London based group later this year.  Please email info@pealpartnership.co.uk to express an interest in either of these groups or for further information.