CEO Forum



This is a discrete forum exclusively for Chief Executives, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals.  As a rule of thumb, our members are generally involved with businesses generating a turnover between £5m and £50m.   


The CEO Forum has evolved into an extremely efficient mechanism for the investigation of business philosophies and their effectiveness in current market conditions, and of course for meeting peers in a relaxed environment.  Confidentiality of conversations is maintained under the Chatham House rule.  


The CEO Forum currently operates on a number of tiers, and members are either elected or invited to the next level - The Senate.  


We hold 'taster' events every 3 months.  The next CEO Forum taster event will be on 4th March at lunchtime in the City.  The theme of this meeting is 'Getting The Best Out Of Your Team'.  It will cover disruptive individuals, those that aren’t working to their potential and dysfunctional teams.  The event will be facilitated by an expert in building successful teams both in the UK and internationally, and will address any specific issues raised by attendees on the day.  Please email for further information.




If you would like to attend a "Taster" event, or would like further information, please register your interest by entering your details below.

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